Bankable & Insured Sustainable-Based Assets

A unique ecosystem for sustainable assets that utilizes Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence technologies to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) capturing Biodiversity Credits.


a truly ‘Social’ enterprise

AQUAE’s vision is to operate as a social enterprise, aligning profit generation with societal and environmental benefits.Our primary goal is to create a positive impact on society and the environment. Profits earned by AQUAE are primarily reinvested to fund social programs and sustainability initiatives.


About Us

AQUAE IMPACT EXCHANGE CO. L.L.C is Licensed and regulated under the law's of UAE. It deals in insured, sustainable, asset-backed digital asset.

Embark on a revolutionary journey with AQUAE, where Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence converge to drive the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the creation and trading of Biodiversity Credits.

In collaboration with tier-one partner stakeholders, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution, transforming sustainable-based assets into bankable, insured, and tokenized entities.

AQUAE acts as an extension of your team, guiding organizations globally to harness the full potential of sustainable finance for positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

Key Points

Our Vision


Driving Sustainable Transformation by Capturing Biodiversity Credits with Next-Gen Technologies.

Who We Serve

AQUAE empowers a diverse array of issuers. Our innovative, secure, and democratized platform facilitates capital raising from Institutional Investors to Retail investors, ensuring a global impact.


United Nations Organizations

NGOs & Foundations

Global Corporations

Transforming Sustainable Assets into Biodiversity Credits with Blockchain & AI

Driving Sustainable Transformation by Capturing Biodiversity Credits with Next-Gen Technologies.


Replicable Solutions for Optimizing Biodiversity and Biomass

Imagine a world where environmental restoration and financial gain go hand-in-hand. That's the vision behind AQUAE LABS, a groundbreaking collaboration between AQUAE IMPACT VIRTUAL ASSETS EXCHANGE L.L.C (AQUAE Impact) and Earth Restoration Pvt. Ltd. We're not just restoring the planet; we're redefining the way we do business in the age of Web3.

Shared Vision for Sustainability

Climate change and environmental degradation are real threats, but AQUAE LABS is a beacon of hope. We combine financial expertise with environmental stewardship to tackle these challenges head-on. Our goal, To create a healthier planet while fostering societal well-being. We believe that protecting our planet's life support system, its biodiversity, and biomass, is not just an environmental imperative, but an economic one too.

A Hub for Transformative Research and Implementation

AQUAE LABS is an objective research initiative dedicated to advancing sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation by bridging the financial capital that is required to restore the planet’s life support system through proof-of-work digitized smart-contracts which can be replicated bio-regionally. We bridge the gap between the financial resources needed for restoration and the communities working tirelessly on the ground.

Analog Forestry, Agroforestry, and Permaculture are all innovative approaches to sustainable land management and biodiversity conservation.

Analog Forestry focuses on creating diverse, resilient, and productive forest ecosystems that mimic natural forests. It emphasizes the use of native species and promotes ecological restoration while supporting local communities.

Agroforestry integrates trees and shrubs into agricultural systems, offering multiple benefits such as improved soil fertility, enhanced biodiversity, increased resilience to climate change, and additional income streams for farmers.

Permaculture, on the other hand, is a design approach that aims to create sustainable human habitats by mimicking patterns and relationships found in nature. It emphasizes principles such as observation, diversity, and maximizing beneficial connections between elements within a system.

These three approaches offer holistic solutions for addressing environmental challenges while promoting sustainable livelihoods and enhancing ecosystem health.

AQUAE LABS’s commitment to farmland development monitors, records, and validates (MRV) proof-of-work based outcomes by setting replicable guidelines that moderate payments for ecosystem services (PES) to the farming communities. Through innovative solutions powered by Web3 and data-driven insights, we turn environmental action into measurable outcomes.

LABS Functions

AQUAE LABS will focus on directing outcomes from research and demonstration initiatives in the fields of regenerative finance, environmental restoration, environmental conservation, and integrating Web3 supported IoTs to MRV these data. Research outcomes will finance practical applications that support our network of farmers and landowners to benefit from these current investment opportunities.

Measuring the Impacts

The highest end of our developments measure net positive externality value of tree establishment within restoration landscapes. Meaning our measures include Oxygen and ground Water purification values Biodiversity. We measure the net positive externality value of our efforts, including factors like oxygen and groundwater purification. Land parcels are compared based on a score system using bioregional habitat value index (HVI). The first of its kind, AQUAE LABS’s selected HVI and methodological approach for comparing and layering the Biodiversity and Biomass value between one land and another allows investors to envision scaling these impacts to a broader base of farmland ecosystems. We use a unique bioregional habitat value index (HVI) to compare land parcels, allowing investors to see the bigger picture and the true impact of their contribution.


AQUAE LABS is a collaborative effort, and we invite you to be a part of it. Decisions related to research directions, project selection, and resource allocation will be made jointly by a governing body consisting of representatives from both parties. Together, we can rewrite the rules of sustainable business and create a future where prosperity and environmental health are not at odds, but one and the same.

Biodiversity Credits VS Carbon Credits


Differences & Commonalities

Meet the Team & Advisors

We pride ourselves on our collective passion, expertise, and dedication. Our team is a vibrant blend of diverse talents, each member bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table. Together, we form a cohesive unit committed to achieving excellence.

Amir Dossal

Co-founder & Chairman

Dr. Vin Menon

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova

Co-founder & Managing Director

Linju Thomas

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Headings

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. F Ranil Senanayake

Chief Sustainability Officer


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